What’s New

What’s New in PolyWorks|DataLoop™ 2024

Data Management & Digital Connectivity

What’s New in PolyWorks|DataLoop™ 2024

Data Management & Digital Connectivity

Diagram showcasing a server connected to PolyWorks|DataLoop 2024, which manages access and storage of 3D measurement data files

Manage Vast Amounts of 3D Measurement Data Efficiently 
Using Cloud Storage

PolyWorks|DataLoop 2024 allows you to leverage the full benefits of cloud storage:

  • Set up a highly scalable infrastructure that adapts instantaneously to your storage needs
  • Replicate data files automatically across multiple data centers to ensure reliability
  • Deploy a cost-effective storage solution without compromise
Horizontal display of multipiece results / T-test analysis results in PolyWorks|DataLoop 2024

Create Custom Web-Based Views of the 3D Measurement Database

Review 3D measurement results in a standard Web browser through our extensive set of standard and special-purpose widgets created within Excel:

  • Display the 3D measurement results of one or multiple pieces horizontally
  • Create an unlimited number of widgets within a dashboard
  • Leverage Excel’s extensive mathematical and charting functionalities

Detect and Resolve Manufacturing Issues as Soon as They Occur

The PolyWorks|DataLoop Web Interface facilitates your root cause analyses by quickly highlighting problematic trends and providing statistical analyses of association. With version 2024, you can:

  • Determine whether your processes are in control and stable using our native capability analysis toolbox, which now includes normal probability plots
  • Analyze the distribution of measurements compared to expected values using a t-test to determine if the measurements are significantly different than expected
PolyWorks|DataLoop 2024 Web Interface showing an impressive number of Excel-based widgets

Precisely Configure Accesses to your Data Management System 

Diagram showcasing how access to PolyWorks|DataLoop is fully controlled by the organization that owns the database

Security policies allow manufacturing organizations to control who can access data and what can be done with it. Version 2024 allows PolyWorks|DataLoop users to:

  • Implement data access policies by assigning distinct storage spaces to different departments, business areas, or external suppliers
  • Define security policies efficiently by creating new policies based on existing ones and enriching them with specific permissions

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